Balls of Fluffs

Balls of Fluffs


Balls of Fluffs are the softest and fluffiest ball toys for dribbling, attacking, fetching, and knocking off the counter. These balls are sure to look chic in any space without losing the ability to be a fun way to play.


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Fluffy Facts:

  • Hand-made in Austin, TX.

  • Made from 100% alpaca hair yarn from Hill Country Alpacas in Medina, TX.

  • No alpacas are hurt in the process of making yarn; Alpacas are sheared once a year in the Spring and their fleece is processed into yarn.

  • Yarn color is all natural and not dyed.

  • Tied with 100% hemp cord.

  • 100% Biodegradable.

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We support local businesses! Local businesses used on this product are: Hill Country Alpacas