catio collab - Catemporary Living

catio [cat-ee-oh, cah-tee-oh]

noun, plural cat-i-os.

  1. a patio designed specifically for a cat.

    Have you seen grumpy cat’s catio?! I can haz plz

Have you been looking to treat your cat(s) to a well-designed, fun-ctional, modern catio? Look no further, we are here to help! Catemporary Living is Catempo’s newest Austin-based collaboration with architecture firm cwA+D, LLC and is the right team to make all of your (central Texas) catio dreams come true.


Architectural Services Offered:

Master Planning - We’ll help you figure out what kind of catio is allowable with your current property zoning and neighborhood restrictions.

Programming - We can help you figure out just what kind of catio and catio features you need.

Design with 3D visualization

Construction drawings - You’ll need these to build.

Finding and selecting the right Contractor

Getting permits (if needed)

Petting cats

all of the above

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